About Us and Our Mission

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freejewelrymanufacturer.com is a major jewelry manufacturer and exporter. We run our factory in Los Angeles Jewelry District. California, U.S.A. Our major products include 925 sterling silver jewelry crafted in celebrity style pieces, vintage style, even bridal style jewelry all custom fit for your genuine fashion. From rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets to necklaces our line has them all. Our clientele is national going global; we are well known for numerous innovative designs, high quality products and our customer service is exceptional. We even include a free drawstring gift pouch with your free jewelry to add a luxurious keepsake you'll never forget.

Our mission is to provide the best online shopping experience on a ‘working girl’s’ budget ABSOLUTELY FREE! By offering the latest in silver jewelry and ensuring prompt delivery to all of our customers and to be the most admired jewelry retailer world wide, known for uncompromising integrity and superior customer service. By giving away free...

Let’s be frank ladies and gentlemen, we all know nothing comes free in this lifetime or the next. There’s always a ‘hidden agenda’ right? I mean why do YAHOO, GOOGLE, and other search engines provide FREE searches? The answer quite simple actual to gain exposure and increase traffic in a massive bulk! And does it work? We’re here to tell you it does! We believe our most prized asset is YOU, the customer and our mission remains to provide variety, quality, and FREE Silver Jewelry. However, we want to give you more! We want you to go behind the scenes and understand why it is that freejewelrymanufacturer.com is offering rings, earrings, bracelets, pendant, anklets and more all for FREE…Below we have added the top 12 reasons for giving our products FREE:

  1. People visit our website to get free valuable information regarding Silver Jewelry.
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  12. The biggest reason we give away FREE, outstanding Silver Jewelry is we feel good providing people with a simple luxury improving their lives.

This web site is a promotion to introduce our company freejewelrymanufacturer.com and gain exposure branding our name.
A company name says a lot about a company. That’s why we at freejewelrymanufacturer.com vow to provide the best jewelry for free!! Who said nothing's free? We hope to alter the business world to suit our buyers needs and create a simplistic way to enjoy the true luxury of jewelry